Press release

New flood wardens to help protect Hildenborough

Hildenborough is to benefit from improved flood resilience after a new team of flood wardens were trained by the Environment Agency.

Environment Agency staff talking to a resident about flooding.

A group of 13 Hildenborough residents have been trained after volunteering to act as flood wardens and help their community before, during and after a flood event.

Flood wardens act as a link between the Environment Agency and communities at risk of flooding, and disseminate information to their local community. As part of the training, the wardens were talked through the work the Environment Agency does, how the flood warning service works and local flood risk in their community, highlighting specific areas that are more susceptible for flooding and areas where debris can build up.

Hildenborough was affected by flooding in the winter of 2013 and remains at risk of flooding from the River Medway. Hildenborough Parish Council and flood wardens have developed a community flood plan, and engaged with residents at risk of flooding so they better understand their risk, take action to prepare, know who their wardens are, and what they can do for them.

Tim Norton, Environment Agency Flood Resilience Team Leader, said:

Hildenborough has a team of brilliant flood wardens, who are really informed about their risk and committed to looking after their community.

How communities prepare and work together before, during, and after flooding makes a real difference. Flood Wardens are vital to helping communities survive the effects of flooding.

More volunteers and flood wardens are still needed in Hildenborough and Tonbridge. If you are interested in volunteering as a flood warden to support your local community, please contact the Kent Resilience Forum on 01622 212409.

Published 27 October 2015