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New Chevening Alumni Board elected in Argentina

The new Board is already organising the association’s activities for this year.

New Chevening Alumni Board
New Chevening Alumni Board

On 14 June, Chevening Alumni Argentina elected new authorities for the period 2017-2018. Andrea Rispo was elected chairwoman with 88% of the votes, together with Solana Beserman Balco as her deputy.

Continuing with the steady increase in votes over the past few years, a new record turnout was achieved this year.

Governing Board 2017/2018


  • Andrea Rispo - MSc Integrated Environmental Studies, University of Southampton, 2012-2013 - Executive Officer, Environment and Climate Change Department, CAF (Latin American Development Bank)


  • María Solana Beserman Balco - MJur, University of Oxford, 2015-2016 - Administrative and Tax Court, Judicial Power, City of Buenos Aires; Professor, University of Buenos Aires


  • Mirta Aguirre - Education and International Development, Institute of Education of UCL, 2015-2016 - Adviser on education

  • Andrés May - MSc in Management in Information Systems and Digital Innovation. LSE 2014-2015 - Adviser on strategic innovation, General Secretariat, Government of the City of Buenos Aires

  • Andrés Gartner - MSc Transport, Imperial College/UCL, 2013-2014 - Chief Adviser, Argentine Ministry of Transport

  • Rodrigo Tosti Ibáñez - MBA, University of Oxford (Christ Church), 2012-2013 - Corporate Strategy, Pluspetrol

  • Marcela “Popi” Delgado - MSc in Public Service Policy and Management, King’s College London, 2012-2013 - Fellow, McKinsey&Company

  • Axel Hatrick - MSc in Law and Finance, University of Oxford, 2012-2013 - AVP - Sr. Counsel, JP Morgan

  • Bárbara Aubert Casas - LLM in Public International Law, King’s College London, 2011-2012 - Secretary (Diplomatic Corps), Antarctic Foreign Policy Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship

  • Federico Salcedo - MSc in Public Management, University of Birmingham, 2011-2012 - Director and Co-founder, Atlas Smart Cities

  • Ramiro Blázquez - Msc Financial Engineering, Birkbeck College, Univeristy of London, 2009-2010 - Latam Senior Economist – Global Research en HSBC

  • Carlos Gentile - Hansard Research Programme, LSE, 2008-2009 - Undersecretary for Climate Change and Sustainable Development, Argentine Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development

  • José Ignacio Costa - MSc in Public Policy and Administration, LSE, 2008-2009 - Manager, Legal Affairs, Wintershall

  • María Alegre - Hansard Research Programme, LSE, 2008-2009 - Interim Director, Advisory Services, Hartree Mexico

  • Gustavo Reyes - MSc in Economics, Queen Mary and Westfield College – University of London, 1994-1995 - Chief Economist, Fundación Mediterránea’s Institute for Studies on Argentine and Latin American Reality (IERAL)

  • Alejo Rodríguez Cacio - MSc in Economics, University of York, 2006-2007 - CEO, investBA, Foreign Trade and Invesment Promotion Agency, City of Buenos Aires

  • Javier Alvarez - MA in Environmental Politics and Globalisation, King’s College, 2004-2005 - Non-Executive Director, Andes Energia plc; Overseas Director, British Argentine Chamber of Commerce (London)

  • Andrés Zenarruza - LLM, University of Cambridge, 2001-2002 - Counsel in Corporación América

  • Hernán Blejer - MSc Econ, International Political Economy, LSE, 1995-1996 - Independent Consultant

  • Saúl Feilbogen - Msc in International Banking and Finance. Heriot-Watt University, 1993-1994 - Partner, Vitale, Manoff & Feilbogen Law Firm

  • Rodrigo Herrera Bravo - Diploma in Government, University of Manchester, 1992-1993 - Director, Institute for Strategic Planning of Relations with Africa, Asia and Latin America, National University of La Matanza; Head Professor of Economic and Productive Organisation of the State, National University of Lanús; Managing Director, Ziming Technology International Co. Ltd.; President, Fundación Diálogos Estratégicos (Strategic Dialogue Foundation)

Ambassadors in the provinces:

  • María Lourdes Lodi (Santa Fe) - MA in Democracy, Politics & Governance, Royal Holloway – University of London, 2006-2007 - Director and cofounder, Inter Consultores consulting firm. Professor and researcher, National University of Rosario (UNR). Head, Political Analysis Department

  • Tomás Lanardonne (Patagonia) - LLM in Energy Law & Policy, University of Dundee, 2012-2013 - Partner, Pérez Alati, Grondona, Benitez, Arnsten & Martínez de Hoz (Jr) Law Firm

  • Manuel Arias (Entre Ríos) - MA in Industrial Relations & Personnel Management, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick, 2004-2005 - Associate Director, Savvy HR Consulting; Professor, Argentine Catholic University (UCA) and University of Social and Business Sciences (UCES)

  • Laura Porrini (Córdoba) - MSc in Development, Administration and Planning -University of Bristol, 2003-2004 - Director, Government Affairs Institute, Catholic University of Córdoba

  • Alejandro Danon (NOA) - Msc in Economics, LSE 2011-2012 - Director, SME Unit, Ministry of Production and Development, Province of Tucumán; Professor, National University of Tucumán

  • Carolina Barbuzza (Cuyo) - MSc Water and Watewater Engineering, Cranfield University 2003-2004 - Professor, National University of Cuyo; Founder, Ingeniería Ambiental (Environmental engineering) consulting firm

We would like to remind Chevening alumni that you can also access Chevening’s online global platform.

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Published 16 August 2017