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New British Defence Attaché strengthens the UK’s defence relationship with the Guatemalan army

Colonel David Strawbridge MBE, a serving officer in the British Army, paid a three day visit to Guatemala to initiate his new role as the UK’s Defence Attaché to Guatemala.

DA visit to Guatemala
Coronel David Strawbridge y General Mynor Francisco Mus Tujab

He assumes the role with over 34 years of military experience including time spent in operational theatres such as Northern Ireland, Kosovo and Iraq as well as peacekeeping in Africa.

During this initial visit, Colonel Strawbridge met with the Guatemalan Deputy Minister of Defence, Mynor Francisco Mus Tujab and other high level officials including the Chief of the Defence Staff Brig General Perez Ramirez.

The British Ministry of Defence’s (MOD) mission is to protect the security, independence and interests of the UK at home and abroad, working closely with allies and partners. During his visit, Colonel Strawbridge reiterated the United Kingdom’s eagerness to work alongside Guatemalan counterparts and to share operational experiences. Whilst remaining resident in Mexico City he hopes to visit Guatemala on a regular basis.

When asked to comment on his visit, Colonel Strawbridge said:

I am pleased to have been given the task to help develop the bilateral defence relations between UK and Guatemala. In my short time in Guatemala I have been struck by the professionalism of the military and I very much look forward to enhancing the understanding and cooperation between the armed forces of our two nations.

Published 18 April 2016