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NDA sets out key activities for Dounreay

The NDA which owns Dounreay and funds its clean-up has published its draft business plan setting out its priorities for decommissioning during the next 3 years.


The public body is consulting on the plan until February 1, before it presents a final version to Ministers at the UK and Scottish goverments in March.

Key activities at Dounreay in 2013-14 include:

  • Demolition of the Dounreay Materials Test Reactor complex
  • Strategy for particles management agreed with stakeholders
  • Progress milestones towards completion of out of reactor breeder fuel shipments to Sellafield
  • Letter of Compliance (LoC) received for silo intermediate level waste
  • All necessary regulator authorisation permits or licences received for the new low level waste disposal facility.

Views sought on business plan – see the NDA website.

Published 11 December 2012