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NavPac 4: Free Software Upgrade for Users of NavPac 3.4

NavPac 4 is the much anticipated software upgrade to HMNAO’s celestial navigation software package

NavPac and Compact Data front cover

We are delighted to announce the release of the much anticipated NavPac 4, HMNAO’s celestial navigation software package. This is available as a free optional upgrade for existing registered users of NavPac and Compact Data 2016-2020. NavPac 4 can be used alongside NavPac 3.4. However, continued support will be available for NavPac 3.4 until 2020. NavPac 4 provides a much improved user interface and several new tools and features designed to make celestial navigation easier for the navigator.

These include:

  • new star chart displays in the Find It function
  • a new feature called “Find Next” in the Sight Reduction function that calculates when and where a vessel will be for the next Sun rise/set/meridian passage and civil/nautical/astronomical twilight based on the vessel’s position, dead reckoning course and speed
  • a night mode which makes NavPac convenient to use in situations which require the user to retain their night vision

Further details can be found on HMNAO’s NavPac web pages.

Published 10 January 2017