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Minister for Europe accompanies the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall on their official visit to Germany

Sir Alan Duncan will join Their Royal Highnesses on the visit to celebrate the friendship between the UK and Germany.

The Minister for Europe, Sir Alan Duncan will join Their Royal Highnesses, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, on a visit to Germany, to celebrate the strong and enduring friendship between the UK and Germany.

During his visit, from 7 to 9 May, Sir Alan will accompany their Royal Highnesses as they attend The Queen’s Birthday Party, an annual event hosted by the British Ambassador at his residence in Berlin. On Wednesday (8 May) the Minister and Their Royal Highnesses will explore Leipzig’s cultural heritage and learn about the role the people of Leipzig played in the ‘Peaceful Revolution’ that helped to reunite Germany in 1989.

On the final day (9 May), Sir Alan will accompany Their Royal Highnesses to Munich, and join The Prince of Wales as he visits the headquarters of Siemens, to discuss the technological and scientific co-operation between the UK and Germany including in the areas of renewable energy and future workforce training.

The Minister for Europe Sir Alan Duncan said:

It is a great privilege to be representing the British Government on this important visit of Their Royal Highnesses, The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall. The Royal Family play an important role as Ambassadors for the UK and in strengthening the ties between us and other countries and cultures across the world.

This visit will demonstrate the depth and breadth of the friendship between the UK and Germany, and its enduring importance to both countries. It will underline the strong historical and cultural connections between our countries, and ensure that our future relationship will be just as rich; through cooperation in technology, science and the economy, and building links directly with the German people.

The UK and Germany proudly cherish the same freedoms, defend the same values and champion the same system of international rules that keeps our societies safe. We both believe in democracy, transparency and equality as the fundamental values that underpin our societies and institutions. I am confident that our strong ties, shared beliefs and firm friendship will continue to flourish in the years ahead.

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Published 7 May 2019