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Manila: Call for bids to the 2016-17 Bilateral Programme Fund

The British Embassy Manila is accepting concept notes for the 2016-2017 Bilateral Programme Fund until 19 February 2016.

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The Bilateral Fund is money devolved fully to the Embassy to spend on priority issues linked to our country business plan and one or more of the foreign policy priorities in order to deliver transformational policy change in the Philippines.

The British Embassy Manila’s business plan covers a wide range of issues including human rights, economic reform or growth, exchanges, counter-proliferation, education, development, institutional reform, capacity building and climate change.

We want the Bilateral Fund to focus in particular on the issue of governance. Governance is central to all of the hope and aspirations of the Philippines. Governance is essential for long term prosperity and, it is the best support for democracy, good governance and human rights.

Additionally, the Bilateral Fund will be in line with the British Embassy’s ongoing support to end conflict in Muslim Mindanao, the implementation the 2014 Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro and the promotion of tolerance and counter-violent extremism.

We are looking for practical interventions that will lead to a real and timely difference to decision-making and implementation changes. Proposals focusing purely on research, analysis, seminars or workshops will not be relevant unless they lead to specific and measurable action. Projects can be at regional or state level within a country, provided that replicability is built into the proposal and sufficient impact is likely.

Please read carefully the FY 2016-2017 Bilateral Programme Fund Strategy (PDF, 408KB, 4 pages) before submitting your bid.

We encourage you to contact our Bilateral Manager, Clarisse Fogg to discuss your idea in order to ensure that it fits with the Philippines’ Bilateral Programme Fund strategy and meets our requirements. Therefore, in order to give us ample time to work with you on your concept, please get in touch with Clarisse right away to discuss your concept before you submit a concept note ahead of the 19 February 2016 deadline.

Published 3 February 2016