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Listening to stakeholders

Over the past 9 months, we have organised a number of events to explain the National Geological Screening exercise.

Some of the delegates at the non-specialist stakeholder event in London

Over the past 9 months, we have organised a number of events for different stakeholder groups, explaining the National Geological Screening (NGS) exercise and asking for comments and contributions.

During March, 3 events were held for non-specialists in Manchester, London and Bristol. After a presentation introducing the NGS, delegates discussed a series of questions about the exercise and provided feedback on flipcharts.

Topics included:

  • potential users of the outputs from the NGS
  • key questions those users might want answers to
  • ways in which people might become more involved in the process

Those contributions are included our published report

Following a series of events held for non-specialists at locations across the country, this report lists the views expressed by delegates about the National Geological Screening (NGS) exercise. These are presented as transcriptions of the flipcharts completed at the events. They form a record of the events and are therefore presented unedited.

Published 25 June 2015