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LCV2017: high-performance carbon-reduction sports car unveiled

Somerset-based car manufacturer Ariel shows off phase one of HIPERCAR, developed with funding from Innovate UK.

The HIPERCAR on show

HIPERCAR – which stands for High Performance Carbon Reduction – is a project by Ariel Motor Company, Delta Motorsport and Equipmake to develop an ultra-high performance sports car with advanced carbon reduction technologies.

Phase one results were made public for the first time today at Cenex-LCV. A number of prototypes are on show. This work was supported through a £2 million grant from Innovate UK.

The model sports car will be built at Ariel’s facility in Somerset.

Bridging the route to market

Simon Edmonds, Director - Manufacturing and Materials, Innovate UK said:

Routes to market for new technologies – especially in automotive – are very challenging. Projects we fund like HIPERCAR bridge that gap and aid wider commercial exploitation in mass market vehicles in the future.

This exciting project pulls through a number of novel low emission technologies developed by UK based SMEs and deploys these in this stunning vehicle for the first time.

Anchoring low carbon tech in the UK

Simon Saunders, Director of Ariel said:

Developing another of the fastest cars in the world is important for Ariel, but anchoring the technology in this country and building a British supply chain is vital for the economy.

The government assistance through Innovate UK to us and other contributing projects has been vital in developing the many technologies and components featured in the vehicle.

This is an extremely advanced, cutting-edge car that brings together UK developed technology in every aspect of its design. The fact that it has been developed in the UK and supported by UK government agencies shows just how important the vehicle and the technology is to the UK automotive industry.

HIPERCAR prototype is unveiled at LCV2017
HIPERCAR prototype is unveiled at LCV2017.

Looking to the future

In addition, the project has received funding for its next phase from the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC), worth £6 million. This will enable the team to carry out further testing, development and production.

Jon Beasley, Director of Technology and Projects at the APC said:

The HIPERCAR project is a great example of how smaller companies and members of the UK’s niche vehicle network are creating opportunities to adopt, and bring to market, cutting-edge low-carbon technology through their future vehicle programmes.

This is one of a number of projects in APC’s portfolio that is significantly reducing CO2 and safeguarding or creating jobs, in addition to developing UK automotive capability. APC8, the next round of funding, is now open.

Published 6 September 2017