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Insolvency Service – Cobalt data centre migration

Insolvency Service – Successful lift and shift of all active servers from Cobalt Square to Atos’s Birmingham Business Park data centre


We are pleased to report that all the active servers from Cobalt Square have now been successfully lifted and shifted to our IT managed services partner’s data centre. We have tested the relocated systems and they are now ready for you to use once more. If you do have any problems with any of the legacy systems that have been migrated, please report these via the usual process.

Our systems are now hosted in a significantly improved data centre, enjoying 24 hour support services and fully secured. It has also enabled us to provide better services with better value for the tax payer by pursuing this though the government strategy for shared IT services.

If you would like more information or have any feedback on the relocation of your system(s), please contact

Published 23 July 2014