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Innovative technology to treat water showcased

Aquapurum, a Bengaluru based startup in collaboration with UK’s Hydro Industries launched an innovative water treatment technology.


The launch was held in Delhi earlier today. Based on proven electro coagulation technology, Aquapurum’s solutions are able to convert borewell or surface water into potable water in a matter of minutes.

The event was attended by several senior officials from government, estate managers and experts working in the field of water treatment and regeneration.

Speaking at the launch event St. John Gould, India Director, UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) said:

We are delighted to bring the best of British technology and innovation to India through this partnership. At UKTI, we are always exploring opportunities for collaboration between UK and India that can benefit both countries. We will be happy if the UK can play a part in India’s campaign to get safe water to millions of its citizens.

Speaking at the event Hydro Industries Chairman David Pickering said:

Hydro – which is one of the fastest growing companies in Wales – is a pioneer in field of water treatment and we are confident that through Aquapurum will be able to address the growing demand for waste water treatment in India.

Aquapurum has successfully begun installation of its machine - EC 100 – in Rohan Ashima – a residential society in Bengaluru. The system is connected to the main tank that provides water supply to the entire community, where residents are using the water for general purposes, including bathing, cooking, washing and drinking. Some residents have also opted to remove water purifiers from their kitchens, recognizing that the water coming out of their taps is of drinking quality.

Residents have also noted the water quality is much better after treatment than the untreated borehole water that was being supplied, which is generally hard water due to Karnataka’s groundwater quality and resources.

Further Information:

Aquapurum is a joint venture between two UK companies - Intelligent Energy and Hydro Industries. The water treatment systems employed by Aquapurum uses a new technology in the drinking water industry in India: electro-coagulation (EC). EC is a clean technology, reducing the need for chemical and biological intervention and in some cases avoiding the need all together.

The technology relies on charged particles of an electrode dissolving into the untreated water, which causes the suspended particles to bind together (coagulate). Once this has occurred contaminates can be quickly and safely removed from the water, leaving pure clean drinking water. The process is fast, the volume is high and the footprint of the treatment plants is small, requiring minimal maintenance. It also produces no waste.

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Published 29 February 2016