Press release

Improved flood warning service for Kirklees and Leeds

We've updated our warning for Batley Beck and Wyke Beck and others.

A small watercourse

The Environment Agency has been updating its flood warning systems across West Yorkshire, using new data to provide more accurate alerts to help communities to be better prepared for flooding.

As part of this latest update, from the 21 October, over 500 properties in communities near to Batley Beck in Dewsbury and Batley Carr are now able to sign up for and receive flood warnings.

In addition, the existing flood warning service in the River Colne, River Holme, Fenay Beck and Batley beck catchments across the Kirklees area has also been improved. And in Leeds, there have been changes to the service in the Wyke Beck catchment across Halton, Dunhills, Halton and Gipton.

Due to these changes, the Environment Agency are encouraging Kirklees and Leeds residents and local businesses to check if they are at risk of flooding and to sign up to receive these early flood alert and warning messages so they can be as prepared as possible for potential flooding.

Residents can find out if they are eligible to receive flood warnings, and then register, by calling Floodline on 0345 988 1188, or by visiting the flood website.

This website also includes information on how you can prepare and keep yourself safe.

Jon Follows, from the Environment Agency’s Flood Resilience team said:

Rivers in these communities can rise very quickly after heavy rain, so providing warnings can be difficult - but our new and improved warning systems aim to alert the community in a timely manner, giving them more time to prepare, and to be aware of flooding so that they do not put themselves at risk.

Published 5 November 2015