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Home Secretary attends G6 Summit

Sajid Javid joined Interior Ministers in Lyon to discuss security and migration cooperation.


The Home Secretary joined the Interior Ministers from 6 of the largest European Union countries to discuss key migration and security issues at the G6 in Lyon this week (9 October).

Sajid Javid met with his counterparts from Germany, France, Spain, Poland and Italy, as well as representatives from the US, Morocco and the European Commission. Hosted by French Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe, the summit included sessions on migration, tackling foreign terrorist fighters, preventing terrorist use of the internet and stability in the Sahel.

During talks on migration, the Home Secretary called for a whole route approach to prevent people making perilous journeys across Europe. This includes increasing the efforts to tackle people trafficking and finding new ways to stop criminal gangs from operating at source.

The summit also included a simulated terrorist attack hosted in the Groupama stadium where French law enforcement demonstrated their response.

The Home Secretary made clear that security cooperation between the UK and EU member states must not be compromised after the UK’s exit from the European Union. He argued that this partnership and access to security tools must continue to ensure that citizens across the continent were protected from terrorists and organised criminals.

He also discussed continued security cooperation with European Commissioner for the Security Union, Sir Julian King.

The Home Secretary also had the opportunity to update the G6 on the Salisbury attack and ongoing police investigation which has produced sufficient evidence to bring criminal charges against two Russian individuals.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid said:

I would like to thank Prime Minister Philippe for hosting an important and productive summit.

In my meetings with my G6 counterparts, we agreed that cooperation on issues such as security, serious organised crime and migration are vital and this must continue after Brexit.

Published 10 October 2018