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Helping nuclear students at the Defence Academy of the MoD

Nuclear waste expert Martin Cairns provides mentoring to students on an MSc in Nuclear Technology and Safety Management course.

Photo of Martin Cairns

Martin Cairns (right) with Senior Lecturer Dr Martin Davies.

Students, set an assignment to undertake a detailed review of how other countries plan to dispose of high level radioactive waste, are lucky to have our waste management specialist Martin Cairns as a mentor.

Martin acts as our link with the Ministry of Defence. As part of this work he visits the Nuclear Department of the UK Defence Academy each year to provide a half-day lecture on radioactive waste management and geological disposal.

The Nuclear Department of the Defence Academy is based at HMS Sultan in Gosport, Hampshire and provides education and training for service and civilian personnel working in support of the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Programme.

Martin’s lecture is delivered as part of the Academy’s MSc course in Nuclear Technology and Safety Management.

Martin said:

We work closely with the MoD through our disposability assessment process – providing advice and guidance on their long-term management of radioactive waste generated by defence activities.

This opportunity to provide education and training further strengthens our relationship with them. The annual lecture is well received by the course students and promotes some lively debate.

As well as giving the lecture, Martin provides student mentoring in support of specific assignments. This year, the MSc students were set an assignment to undertake a detailed review of High Level Waste disposal in overseas radioactive waste management programmes and compare this with the UK programme.

Published 24 November 2015