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Government response to calls for a border poll

Following the outcome of the referendum on the UK's membership of the European Union there were calls for a poll on a united Ireland


A UK Government spokesman said:

Although there were strong views on both sides of the debate, all the main Northern Ireland parties are agreed on one thing. The people of Northern Ireland want to see peace and political stability continue, they want their elected representatives to work together, and in co-operation with the UK and Irish Governments.

The UK Government is strongly committed to the Belfast Agreement and the institutions it created. Nothing in this vote will undermine the workings of the devolved government, the North/South institutions or the British-Irish Council.

The UK Government will continue to abide by its commitments in the Belfast Agreement. But there is no reason to change our view that a majority of the people of Northern Ireland support the current political settlement and want to remain part of the UK. As the Government made clear in its Northern Ireland manifesto last year, it continues to be the case that the requirements in the Belfast Agreement for a border poll are not met.

Published 24 June 2016