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GCA addresses the issue of supplier training

Christine Tacon speaks about the importance of supplier awareness of the Code


One of the findings from the GCA annual sector survey was that only 29% of direct supplier respondents (24% of small suppliers) had received training on the Groceries Supply Code of Practice (the Code).

Christine Tacon, the Groceries Code Adjudicator, has previously spoken about the importance of suppliers not only being aware of the Code, but gaining a good working knowledge to use in their day to day dealings with the large retailers.

In this new GCA video, Christine speaks about the benefits of training:

Groceries Code Adjudicator on the importance of training

There are now a number of training providers in the marketplace and, whilst the Adjudicator has not endorsed any particular provider nor approved any training materials, she is keen to promote the advantages to suppliers of increasing their knowledge of the Code.

The GCA welcomes all to view the video, but particularly suppliers and internal and external trainers. Should you use the video as part of your training course, please:

a) ensure that it is not used in such a way that others may mistakenly believe the GCA is endorsing any particularly course; and b) provide the GCA with feedback on its usefulness via email:

Published 30 September 2015