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Civil news: further enhancements to CCMS

We’re looking into making more improvements to the Client and Cost Management System (CCMS) that reflect your feedback.


As part of our continuous improvement programme for the Client and Cost Management System (CCMS), we’re now looking into making further enhancements:

Making amendments without having to wait

Changes would allow you to assign advocates, do financial means re-assessments and change ‘case contact’ details while an amendment is in progress.

Allowing access to CCMS outside the office

We recognise that you may need to work remotely, for instance, if clients are in prison, hospital or can’t travel.

We’re investigating an off-line version of CCMS allowing you to input some information remotely and uploaded it when back in the office.

Providing a record of transactions

Although CCMS is not a case management system, it is a transaction system, so we’d like you to have a good record of transactions made.
We’re investigating ways you could review more information, cutting down on the need to call us. Application summaries and printable versions of bills are already available.

Improving the task of creating bills

We’re investigating changes which could improve the task of creating bills.

Making it easier for you to navigate around CCMS

We’re investigating if other enhancements could be made to enhance navigation, which would supplement the forward button (see below).

We will announce further enhancements this spring.

Once we have reviewed feedback, we will also communicate with Chambers/advocates about how we will enhance the system for them.

Enhancements being piloted

Forward button

This can be used in the means and merits sections of CCMS applications and amendments. It allows you to move to the end of the assessment or the next unanswered question. So it can be used when:

  • submitting a substantive amendment if the client’s details have not changed
  • re-accessing a part-completed means or merits assessment

Having trialled this button, we’re now planning to rollout this enhancement. We’ll keep you updated.

Bulk uploading bills

This allows you to bulk upload bills from your case management software directly onto CCMS, avoiding line-by-line bill re-entry. We’ve tested this function successfully. We’ve published a list of software vendors involved in the pilot – link below.

We encourage you to contact your vendor directly to get updates on their plans to get ready for CCMS.

Continuous improvement programme

This programme involves acting upon the regular feedback we get so that we can enhance the system – where feasible – to meet your needs and preferences. In 2014, we made enhancements which we published in the ‘Enhancing CCMS’ section of the CCMS website.

As well as the improvements listed in this article, we are currently reviewing recent feedback so we can prioritise further enhancements later this year.

Further information

CCMS website

Financial means check list

Bill ‘bulk upload’ information

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Published 5 February 2015