News story

Funding Reform and Localism Steering Group

We have set up a new group to support our work on creating a simpler, more locally focused and responsive funding system for adult skills.


Members of the new Funding Reform and Localism Steering Group include representation from LEPs, combined authorities and the FE sector.

The new group will be chaired by Dr Ann Limb CBE, Chair of South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership (SEMLEP). This group will help us shape how adult skills are funded, excluding apprenticeships, to meet local needs in a way that is simpler to operate.

We have also reviewed our existing advisory arrangements and our current groups, Funding External Technical Advisory Group (FETAG) and Qualifications Advisory Group (QAG) will cease to operate.

We would like to thank both FETAG and QAG groups for the considerable support and commitment to the SFA over the last few years in implementing and embedding the current streamlined funding system and qualification funding reforms. The advice members have given has been invaluable.

The Data and MI Advisory Group (DMIAG), chaired by Dawn Ward CBE, Principal of Burton and South Derbyshire College, will continue to offer advice to the SFA on the Individualised Learner Record (ILR), data collections and related issues.

We have not yet confirmed advisory arrangements with the FE sector and employers on our work on implementing employer routed funding for apprenticeships.

Sector representatives not on our advisory groups can continue to offer advice either informally or through our consultation arrangements.

Published 24 August 2015