Our governance

The ESFA management board provides strategic direction to ensure the delivery of ESFA’s objectives, organisational effectiveness, and alignment with DfE’s mission, strategy and purpose.

It advises the Chief Executive on how well ESFA initiatives are working in practice and provides assurance on risk management, governance and internal control.

The ESFA management board is responsible for:

  • setting the ESFA’s vision and objectives
  • overseeing the effectiveness of ESFA’s delivery, management controls and processes
  • demonstrating high standards of corporate governance
  • ensuring controls are in place to manage risk through the ESFA audit and risk committee


Members of the ESFA management board include:

  • Martin Spencer - interim management board chair
  • Hunada Nouss
  • Stuart McMinnies
  • the ESFA Chief Executive and Accounting Officer

Also in attendance are:

  • ESFA directors


The ESFA management board meets regularly. The summaries from each meeting are available below :