Press release

Flood defence investigation work starts in Epney, Gloucestershire

Today (Friday 8 August), the Environment Agency will begin investigation work on a flood defence wall in Epney, Gloucestershire.

Epney flood wall

The flood wall provides protection to 292 properties in the area.

The team carrying out the work will remove some of the outer layer bricks from the flood wall. These bricks on the outside of the flood wall were added during the construction so that the wall was in keeping with the local area, but behind it lies a concrete brick wall which provides the flood protection. This removal will allow the team to inspect the internal concrete wall while water from the high tide is up against it.

Removing the outer layer of bricks will not affect the integrity of the flood defence so it will continue to protect the community in Epney. The bricks will be replaced once minor repairs have been carried out to prevent leakage on the wall. This work will start in mid August.

Phil Foxley from the Environment Agency said: “This investigation is an essential part of our flood recovery work. It will allow us to check the integrity of this wall so that it can continue to protect the community in Epney on the River Severn. We will have staff on site to monitor the defence at all times while the investigation is being conducted.

Published 8 August 2014