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Finest UK livestock companies to link-up with India

A major delegation of 11 British livestock companies will take part in an agri-tech trade mission to India.


The delegation meets agri-tech companies and government officials in Guwahati from 28 to 29 November, in Chandigarh on 30 November and then attends the Punjab Livestock Championship show in Patiala from 1 to 5 December.

Shahida Khan, Deputy Head of Mission, British Deputy High Commission Kolkata said:

India is the world’s largest milk producer and the second largest market for poultry. The UK has an unmatched combination of innovation and technological expertise and is regarded as the world leader in Agri-tech.

The Agri-tech mission will provide British companies with a unique opportunity to forge a dynamic partnership between an innovative set of British providers in livestock and the strongest set of Indian buyers and influencers.

Participating companies are:

  1. British Pig Association
  2. Agribusiness & Food International Services
  3. BCF Technology
  4. Genesus UK Ltd
  5. Healthy Hooves
  6. JSR Genetics
  7. Lordswood Farming Partnership
  8. MeatWise International
  9. Pedigree Exports UK
  10. Pedigree Pigs Ireland
  11. S C Nutrition Ltd

Further information:

The livestock mission focusses on pig genetics supply:

In October 2017, the health protocol for export of live pigs from the UK has been agreed by the Government of India. The Department of Animal Husbandry, Government of India accepted UK’s export health certificate for export of live swine after the British Government revised their certificate by declaring that the UK is free from African swine fever, Classical Swine Fever, swine vesicular disease Teschen disease and Aujeszky’s disease in accordance with the OIE Terrestrial Animal Health code.

The UK are world leaders in providing pig genetics. The UK has supplied genetics to every pig producing country in the world, be it the USA, Canada, China. British pedigree pigs offer advantages of superior production traits that include fast growth, low food conversion, maximum lean meat and unmatched sow productivity.

India is endowed with the natural resources and labour availability to develop a world-class pig sector. India has the raw materials for production of the feed – homegrown soya, maize and cereals - and quality labour is available at very competitive prices. With proper breed management and training, local entrepreneurs and farmers can not only cater to the rising domestic demand but also look at export markets, especially in the neighbouring China which is the largest consumer of pork in the world.


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Published 28 November 2017