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Farepak dividends

The liquidation of Farepak has now concluded and the joint liquidators have passed the money in relation to unclaimed cheques to the Insolvency Service.


How can I claim the funds I am owed?

If you made a claim that was accepted as valid by the joint liquidators, but did not receive a cheque or were sent a cheque which was not cashed, please see the further details section below or call Estate Accounts and Insolvency Practitioner Services (EAIPS) on 0121 698 4268 for details about how to claim.

What if I didn’t submit a claim during the liquidation of Farepak?

The Liquidation has now ended and no more money will be paid out. If you did not receive a cheque from the joint liquidators the Insolvency Service will not be holding any funds in your name.

Further information

Further information on how claim your uncashed cheque (MS Word Document, 34.6KB)

Published 22 October 2014