Stori newyddion

Cynnal a chadw hanfodol i'n gwasanaeth ar-lein

Mae gwaith cynnal a chadw hanfodol yn digwydd ar 7 Mawrth 2018.

Electronic device and tools

Byddwn yn cynnal rhywfaint o waith cynnal a chadw ar ein gwasanaethau ar 7 Mawrth 2018.

Efallai y bydd Companies House Service yn cael ei effeithio o 6yp i 10yp. Ymddiheurwn am unrhyw anghyfleustra a allai hyn achosi.

Published 4 Ebrill 2016
Last updated 6 Mawrth 2018 + show all updates
  1. Maintenance message
  2. Updated as office reopen.
  3. Update to our opening times.
  4. Updated to include press contact details.
  5. Companies House offices closed due to weather.
  6. CHS issues.
  7. Notice about issues with our finance systems.
  8. CHS issues resolved
  9. Problems with CHS
  10. Possible disruption to Companies House Service
  11. Power issues now resolved.
  12. Update.
  13. Issue at our Edinburgh office.
  14. Maintenance planned for 11 November.
  15. Maintenance cancelled.
  16. Planned maintenance 4 November.
  17. Maintenance planned for 4 November.
  18. Alert about service maintenance.
  19. Essential maintenance message
  20. Additional maintenance required
  21. Update to article
  22. Planned maintenance 25 June 2017
  23. Planned maintenance successfully completed and all services back on line.
  24. CHS now not available from 4pm on 13 April
  25. Added note that Follow won't be available during the maintenance.
  26. Essential maintenance from 11:59pm on Thursday 13 April to 7am on Tuesday 18 April.
  27. Planned maintenance completed successfully.
  28. Maintenance planned between Friday 2 December to Sunday 4 December
  29. Essential online maintenance between 7am-8pm Saturday 15 October 2016
  30. Planned maintenance message removed.
  31. First published.