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Environmental permit consultation for Long Steel UK Ltd now open

The Environment Agency has today announced a period of consultation on the draft updated Environmental Permit for Long Steel UK Limited.


The Environment Agency is minded to grant this environmental permit which is needed by Long Steel UK Ltd to carry out their operations, and welcomes any new relevant information for consideration before making a final decision.

The consultation will run until 31 January and was purposefully extended, due to it running over the Christmas period.

The 2010 Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) applies to a large number of industrial plants across the EU, including steel works. It aims to deliver reductions in emissions thereby improving human health and the environment. Revised standards under the IED for steel companies will come into force in 2016.

Many of the new requirements in the draft permit are due to the revised standards coming into force, although it also includes some general changes including local water monitoring.

Derogations for some of the more challenging requirements of the IED relating to the operation of the coke works have been allowed after strong evidence was supplied to support these.

The draft permit includes 4 derogations:

  • A delay in installing Coke Oven Gas Desulphurisation (COGD)
  • A delay in upgrading both coke ovens to reduce dust emissions from pushing coke
  • A delay in upgrading both coke ovens to reduce dust emissions from Battery underfiring combustion emissions
  • A delay in upgrading both coke ovens to reduce dust emissions from quenching coke

Mark Haslam, Environment Manager, for the Environment Agency said:

Our regulatory controls are in place to protect people and the environment.

This consultation gives the public and interested groups an opportunity to see our decision making process and have their say on the draft environmental permit.

As part of the consultation the Environment Agency will be seeking views from organisations including North Lincolnshire Council, Natural England, Public Health England and the Health and Safety Executive.

View and respond to the consultation View and respond to the consultation documents online:

You can also make representations and submit responses by emailing the Environment Agency at or in writing to:

Environment Agency
Permitting and Support Centre
Land Team
Quadrant 2
99 Parkway Avenue
S9 4WF

Published 23 December 2015