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Education Fund: Digital Inclusion

Ceibal Foundation, ANII and British Embassy will finance research projects

Knowledge is GREAT

The National Agency for Research and Innovation of Uruguay (ANII), through it’s new education fund, and Ceibal Foundation’s Study Center, will finance research projects that provide new data on the already existing knowledge, related to social and/or educational aspects of Plan Ceibal. Any eligible projects with a UK connection will be funded by the British Embassy.

Support will be via co-financing: the fund will cover 80% of the expenses, while those who apply will have to cover the remaining 20%. The projects should last between 6 and 12 months, although they could extend up to 18 months.

Five priority research lines and areas are raised by Plan Ceibal:

  • Social uses of ICTs and Digital Culture
  • Resources and Platforms
  • New ways of knowing, learning, teaching and assessing
  • Extended achievements in learning
  • Digital Age Educators

Applications can be submitted until 7 October at 14:00 h.

More information and documents can be found here.

Published 20 August 2015