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DVLA consultation on driver fees

DVLA issues public consultation on proposed changes to its driving licence fees.

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The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) today (22 May 2012) issued a consultation paper on proposed changes to its driving licence fees, which would apply in Great Britain from April 2013. Anyone wishing to comment must do so by 14 August 2012.

The consultation paper is published on the DVLA’s website.

DVLA Chief Executive, Simon Tse, said:

The DVLA is facing increasing costs and these must be covered from our fees. We are consulting with our customers and stakeholders on a potential fee structure so that we can take their views into account when making the final decision.

The consultation contains three options:

  • apply the common driver fee of £20 to provisional and 5-yearly renewal applications for vocational driving licences.
  • ancrease the fee for a first provisional car or motorcycle licence by £2.25 to £52.25.
  • increase the common driver fee by £0.70 to £20.70.

Notes to editors

DVLA’s fee structure is subject to annual review. The options are based on financial projections for the period up until 2018/19. Whichever is implemented, it will be considered as part of the annual review to ensure it remains valid going forward.

This consultation only covers fees for driver transactions in Great Britain; Northern Ireland have devolved responsibility for fee levels.

Common driver fee refers to 5 transactions set at the same fee level (currently £20). These are:

  • provision of a duplicate when a driving licence has been lost, stolen or destroyed
  • the provision of a “vanity” exchange – only the photograph is changed on the licence
  • exchange of a driving licence for removal of endorsements
  • processing to 10-yearly renewal of the photograph on the licence
  • exchanging a paper licence for a photocard licence

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Published 22 May 2012