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Dragon’s Den contestant jailed for child sex offences has term increased

Dragon’s Den contestant jailed for child sex offences has term increased


A former Dragon’s Den contestant, jailed for 13 child sex offences, including sexual assault has had his jail sentence increased to 7 years 3 months.

Richard Hazell, 48 from Hoddeston, Hertfordshire was arrested when his abuse came to light after the father of one of his victim’s made a complaint to social services. His original sentence of 4 years and 9 months was increased by 2 years 9 months following intervention by the Attorney General Jeremy Wright QC MP under the Unduly Lenient Sentence scheme.

Hazell, was convicted earlier this year for sexually assaulting four girls, one as young as 6 and was found to have nearly 3000 indecent images of children on a computer seized by police. He denied the offences in Court and was convicted only after a lengthy trial where it was revealed he had searched ‘can you be found guilty for downloading child porn if the files are deleted on your computer’ prior to his arrest.

Following the successful appeal the Attorney General said:

“Child sexual offences aren’t singular events, they are truly dreadful offences that will stay with victims for the rest of their lives. They take away a child’s innocence and diminish their capacity to form relationships.

Refusing to admit his offence, despite overwhelming evidence needlessly prolonged the suffering of the victims. I am pleased that the sentence has been increased.”

Published 9 November 2017