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Dr Fox: English goods are 'in demand' across the world

As Saint George’s Day approaches this weekend, International Trade Secretary Liam Fox has celebrated the international demand for quintessential English food and drink around the world.


From strawberries and cream to cheddar cheese and gin, typically English products are proving popular internationally.

This comes as the Department for International Trade has sought to open up new markets to UK producers, launching its new ‘integrated export hub’ where companies large and small can find live export opportunities along with free advice and support to get exporting.

Right now, there are almost 200 live opportunities for food and drink exporters including opportunities as far-afield from China to India and the Middle East.

International Trade Secretary, Dr Liam Fox said:

As we celebrate St George’s day, it’s clear that many other countries around the world will also be enjoying delicious and typically English food and drink.

From the Middle East to China, products are in demand and more and more producers are making sure they make the most of these opportunities as part of a Global Britain.

Some classic English food and drink exports include:

  • Strawberries and cream has long been a favourite refreshing summer treat, enjoyed at classic sporting events like the Wimbledon Tennis Championships and at picnics across the country. It’s not just the English enjoying a summer strawberry, as last year £900,000 worth of the classic fruit were exported abroad.

  • Other classics like cheddar cheese are also finding a growing following, with exports at over £229 million. One current opportunity for cheddar manufacturers is in Indonesia, while a premium food seller in India has already seen 71 applications from UK producers through DIT.

  • With the huge growth in English Gin distilleries in recent years, it’s little surprise that ‘mother’s ruin’ is also finding a global following and UK gin exports stood at £474 million last year. The department also has opportunities for any gin producers to go global, with live opportunities for distribution in Greece and QingDao city in China – home to over 9 million people.

Published 21 April 2017