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Dounreay Phase 3 Planning

Drop in sessions are being held around Caithness to provide members of the public with more information for our phase 3 planning application.

Ariel view of Dounreay

A planning application will be submitted to Highland Council later this year to cover the next phase of planning at the Dounreay site. Planning permission from 2018 to the shutdown of the site, also known as the interim end state, is the third phase of the planning required for the Dounreay decommissioning programme.

This includes work on the shaft and silo, a new flask facility, low level waste pits retrieval, building demolitions and site remediation and landscaping to return the site to as near as practicable its original condition.

Drop–in sessions are being held around the county to provide members of the public with more information.

Venues are as follows:

Dounreay Public Information Office, Thurso–  
Monday 12 to Friday 16 June 0900 – 1700-
Thursday 15 June 17:00 – 21:00
Reay Village Hall  
Monday 12 June 1800 – 2100
Pulteney Centre, Wick  
Tuesday 13 June 18:00 – 21:00

We welcome your views before the end of August 2017. If you wish to ask questions or provide comments please come along to a session or contact the Stakeholder Relations Department at the Dounreay Public Information office.

Published 12 June 2017