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Dounreay low level waste vaults begin to accept waste

A major programme milestone has been achieved with the placement of the first low level waste disposed into the new Low Level Waste Facilities at Dounreay.

Low Level Waste Facilities at Dounreay

Low Level Waste Facilities at Dounreay

Dounreay Site Resoration Ltd (DSRL) were granted planning permission to construct up to 6 vaults in April 2009.

Phase one vaults; a low level waste vault and a demolition low level vault was constructed to accommodate waste accumulated on the site arising from previous operations and from decommissioning operations. The construction of this stage of the vaults was ceremoniously celebrated in April 2014.

On April 24 2015, active commissioning began at the Encapsulation Plant where one half-height ISO container packed with low level waste was filled with grout. This followed a successful grouting process demonstration with inactive waste to SEPA on April 14.

Packages of demolition low level waste have also been transferred from storage on the Dounreay site to the demolition low level waste vault and the first grouted half height ISO container has been disposed of at the low level waste vault, starting the active commissioning of the process and operation of the new Low Level Waste facilities.

DSRL has now confirmed that phase two will also be required and will comprise of a further two low level waste vaults, to accommodate further waste from decommissioning.

To meet the site decommissioning requirements phase two would be required by 2020, however DSRL is planning to bring the construction programme forward within the overall portfolio of site projects.

Work continues to assess the waste arising rates and total waste volumes and this will influence the programme for construction and operation of the vaults and any requirement for phase three.

DSRL remains committed to waste avoidance and minimisation and to the safe decommissioning of the Dounreay site.

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Published 19 May 2015