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DBS Webinar for Skills for Care

DBS facilitated a webinar for Skills for Care around DBS checks in the social care sector. FAQs have now been compiled based on the session.

Decorative graphic showing a laptop icon on a purple background, with text that reads 'DBS Webinar for Skills for Care'

Last week, the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) hosted a webinar for Skills for Care, around DBS checks in the social care sector.

The webinar aimed to improve understanding of:

  • emergency COVID-19 Barred List(s) checks and free-of-charge checks
  • the DBS eligibility tool
  • barring referrals

The webinar can be found online here.

A collection of questions were sent in prior to the webinar and these were answered throughout, but a number of questions were also received throughout the presentation and afterwards. All questions have now been answered and collated in an FAQs document, which can be found below.

DBS Webinar - FAQs [Word] (MS Word Document, 20.6 KB)

DBS Webinar - FAQs [PDF] (PDF, 125 KB, 4 pages)

Published 11 May 2020