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DBS duty to refer and how to make a referral

NHS Employers and the DBS have teamed up help you understand the duty to refer process and how to make a referral.

DBA - duty to refer
DBS - duty to refer

NHS Employers have created two podcasts in their series about the Disclosure and Barring Service.

In the first podcast, Nyla Cooper from NHS employers and Lyn Gavin from the DBS chat about the legal duties to refer, with examples from the NHS and details on what to do if you’re unsure.

The second podcast is about the type of information you might need to give when making a referral, and why it’s important for the DBS to have this level of information.

You can watch these podcasts on the NHS Employers website.

We’ve also published guidance about making barring referrals to the DBS.

Published 26 August 2014
Last updated 11 November 2016 + show all updates
  1. Podcasts from NHS Employers and DBS about the duty to make barring referrals, and how to refer. Produced in 2014.
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