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Dart Charge: new ways to pay

Drivers using the Dartford Crossing now have 2 extra ways they can pay Dart Charge - giving drivers even more flexibility in how they pay the crossing charge.

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The new services are:

  • pay as you go: drivers can register their vehicle and payment details and automatically pay their Dart Charge each time they use the crossing
  • Pingit: drivers can pay for single crossings using the Pingit app on their smartphone, available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

The new payment methods are in addition to the wide range of payment options that were introduced after cash payments at barriers were removed last November.

Dart Charge project director Nigel Gray said:

Dart Charge already gives drivers flexibility about how and when they pay the Dartford Crossing charge. These new payment methods are part of our commitment to offer people even more choice and an even better Dart Charge service. The pay as you go option is ideal for people who don’t want to have a prepay account but still want to be able to pay the charge automatically each time they use the crossing. And Pingit is a convenient extra way to pay for single crossings.

These new payment options mean drivers now have more convenient ways to pay the Dartford Crossing charge than ever before.

new ways to pay Dart Charge

The new services can be accessed when drivers visit the Dart Charge website. In line with existing pay per crossing options these new services are charged at the standard crossing rate. Only pre-pay accounts offer a discount of up to one third on each crossing.

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Published 20 November 2015