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CSPL publishes update note on roundtable meetings for policing inquiry

The Committee has met with key stakeholders in a series of roundtable meetings for its inquiry into local police accountability.


In the past two weeks, the Committee on Standards in Public Life has held two roundtable meetings as part of the evidence collection for the inquiry into local policing - leadership, ethics and accountability. The first roundtable was held with Chief Executives, who lead the Offices of Police and Crime Commissioners. The second roundtable was held with academics with research expertise relevant to the inquiry.

The purpose of the roundtables has been to discuss preliminary findings emerging from the inquiry and gather further thoughts from key stakeholders on important themes. The roundtables were chaired by the inquiry’s sub-committee and provided the opportunity for insightful and rich discussions. An overview of the discussions and themes raised has now been published on the Committee’s website.

Published 12 March 2015