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Crisis Centre “Ekaterina” continues to support victims of domestic violence in Russia

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women: Crisis Centre “Ekaterina” continues to support victims of domestic violence in Russia


According to official Russian government statistics, 40% of all violent crimes are committed within the family. This equates to 36,000 women being assaulted by their partners every day and 26,000 children being beaten by their parents every year. So there is a real problem. The police, social & legal services are trying to deal with the issue, but more needs to be done. The UK wants to draw on its own experience to help.

The UK continues therefore to support the Ekaterina Crisis Centre for victims of domestic violence in the Sverdlovsk region. The centre also works with similar facilities in cities such as Chelyabinsk, Tyumen and Perm. The Ekaterina Crisis Centre – with support from its long-term UK partner, the Haven Centre in Wolverhampton – offers immediate assistance to victims and also seeks to raise awareness amongst the general population and healthcare and other professionals dealing with the challenge of domestic violence.

Martin Harris, Deputy Ambassador from the British Embassy in Moscow, and Martin Fenner, British Consul General in Ekaterinburg, visited a crisis centre in Chelyabinsk on 16 November 2016. They spoke with women and children who had sought sanctuary at the centre. They also met the Ombudswoman of Chelyabinsk region, Margarita Pavlova, and Chairman of the City Administration‘s Social Policy Committee, Larisa Moshkova, to discuss further cooperation on the problems of domestic violence.

A Survivor’s Story

Larisa, 28, a mother of two daughters who is pregnant with a third child, suffered physical abuse and psychological pressure at the hands of her husband. When she couldn’t cope with the situation any more, she turned to a crisis centre for help. Thanks to assistance from psychologists, social workers and lawyers at the centre, Larisa and her children are now taking steps to move forward with their lives and hopefully secure a future that is both safe and prosperous.


Ekaterina Crisis Centre – 8 952 146 22 23,

Nationwide hotline for domestic violence victims 8 800 7000 600

Published 1 December 2016