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Crime news: update on 2015 duty provider crime contracts

Sufficient bids received in more than 96% of the procurement areas in England and Wales and competition will be proceeding.


The recent 2015 Duty Crime Tender successfully brought in sufficient bids in 82 of the 85 procurement areas across England and Wales.

In total the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) received 1,099 bids from more than 500 organisations across the 85 procurement areas before the tender closed on 5 May 2015.

Next steps

Sufficient bids were received in more than 96% of the procurement areas and competition will be proceeding.

The assessment process for the tender is under way. This means applicant organisations may receive clarification requests about their response to the tender in the coming weeks.

When will outcomes be announced?

We expect to notify applicant organisations about tender outcomes in September 2015.

Options for areas with insufficient bids

We have plans on what to do in the areas where there were insufficient viable bids. The affected procurement areas as described in the Information For Applicants (IFA) are:

  • Devon and Cornwall 1 (Devon)
  • Dyfed Powys 2
  • Hampshire 2 (Isle of Wight)

We will follow this up by meeting with providers in the above areas to consider next steps and finalise our plans. Once plans to procure services have been finalised we will publish further details on our website.

Further information

Legal aid crime tender 2015 – includes a copy of the IFA

Published 19 June 2015