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Crime news: new quick guides to help you use the eForms portal

Support for providers in move to digital working.


Three new quick guides have been produced to help providers make the best use of the CRM14 eForm as it is rolled out across England and Wales.

The CRM14 eForm is used to submit criminal applications online and the new guides can be downloaded to help you with information on:

  • navigating through the eForms portal and using each of the different sections
  • finding a form reassigned to you by your eForms administrator or returned by us asking for further information
  • transferring ownership of eForms between different solicitors in your firm

Further information

Legal aid eForms – to download these quick guides:

  • finding your returned (rejected) or re-assigned form
  • reassigning a CRM14
  • using TABs

Praise for CRM14 eForms in crime provider survey – news story with provider feedback

Published 21 January 2015