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Crime news: improvements to Defence Solicitor Call Centre website

Changes mean providers have more options to make online updates to records held by Defence Solicitor Call Centre (DSCC).


New features are available on the DSCC website when viewing and making real time amendments to information about your firm.

This means it is easier to make online changes yourself rather than requesting help from call centre staff.

What are the new features?

You can now:

  • opt in or out for text messages rather than be asked on each call if this is required

  • make a rota swap – both slots can now be amended at the same time and records updated instantly

  • nominate a person for own client cases which should speed up deployment

  • access the website from your iPhone or android mobile using link below or iPad/tablet

Wider benefits of DSCC website

The website has been running for more than 10 years. It allows providers to securely view and make real time changes to their firm’s records within the DSCC in-house case management system. This includes:

  • rota slots

  • contact details

  • acceptance rates

  • DSCC case records accepted by your firm in past year

How can I sign up?

If you have not used the site before it is easy to sign up. Contact the DSCC either by email or through the site to request your login details using links below.

Further information

Defence Solicitor Call Centre Online – secure access to DSCC records for providers with registered advisers – to email enquiries

Published 16 April 2018