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Crime news: Crown Court fees to be paid directly to trial advocates

Payment to be made to advocates attending the main hearing in Crown Court cases from May 2015.


Changes are being introduced in May 2015 which mean “trial advocates” attending the main hearing in a criminal case will receive the legal aid fee.

This amendment is being made in response to Sir Brian Leveson’s Review of Efficiency in Criminal Proceedings.

He recommended that for case ownership to work in practice, the fee should go to the advocate who conducts the main hearing.

As a result the Ministry of Justice will be amending the Criminal Legal Aid (Remuneration) Regulations 2013.

The amendments made will come into force in May 2015. We will be updating the Crown Court Fee Guidance in April. This will provide further guidance for providers about this change.

A new AF1 form will also be mandatory from early May 2015. Keep an eye on e-alerts for news about this closer to the time.

Further information

Crown Court fee guidance – document to be updated in April 2015

Published 13 March 2015