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Crime news: client service for Crown Court cases

Telephone service helps legal aid clients with Crown Court cases.


The Legal Aid Agency (LAA) is creating a telephone service to provide information for legal aid clients seeking litigation services (legal representation) for Crown Court cases.

The service will offer clients details on possible options to obtain representation.

The LAA takes seriously its responsibilities to provide access to legal representation for those charged with criminal offences who qualify for legal aid.

We also expect criminal legal aid providers to meet their professional requirements and contractual responsibilities.

In relation to any providers who decide not to represent a defendant in the Crown Court, we expect them to:

  • continue to act in the best interests of their client
  • inform them of other options, including this telephone service

Telephone service details

The service starts on Monday 10 August 2015 – details below.

The number will also be made available to the courts to help them assist any unrepresented defendants.

Further firms who wish to make their services available through the new phone line can continue to contact LAA through their contract manager.

The phone service will not replace or replicate the work done by the Duty Solicitor Call Centre and does not affect the allocation of duty work in any way.

Further information

Telephone service: 0333 003 7060 (9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday)

Published 6 August 2015