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'Cracking Ideas' competition launched for young inventors

The competition is open for youngsters aged 5 to 11 to design an invention that 'makes life better'.

Children participating in drawing activity with a model of Wallace & Gromit riding a motorbike

Matilda and Albi Saunders gain inspiration from Wallace & Gromits' inventions under guidance from Aardman Creative Director, Merlin Crossingham.

The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) and Aardman have launched a new Wallace & Gromit ‘Cracking Ideas’ competition. The competition is open to individuals and groups aged five to eleven. To enter, young inventors need to design something that will make life better.

Applicants are being encouraged to take inspiration from Wallace & Gromit’s inventions. The techno trousers and the steam chair are two creations that made the duo’s lives better.

The competition aims to introduce children to the concept of intellectual property (IP). They will learn how important it is for inventors to receive credit for their designs.

The winner’s invention will star in a brand new Wallace & Gromit digital project in 2020. They will also win an Aardman model-making workshop for their school or group.

Tim Moss, Chief Executive Officer of the IPO, said:

All around us there are objects created by clever inventors like Wallace & Gromit. Whether simple or high tech, these inventions make our world a better, safer, easier place in which to live.

Young people have the gift of imagination without limits. We’re excited to see what ‘cracking ideas’ the nation’s budding inventors can come up with for making life better. We want to show them how to get the credit they deserve for their ideas and creations. That’s where intellectual property comes in.

Merlin Crossingham, Creative Director for Aardman, said:

We can’t wait for young people nationwide to start designing their inventions. We look forward to seeing their ideas for making life better, when they join Wallace & Gromit on their latest adventure.

The competition closes on Friday 24 April 2020.

Notes to editors

Competition learning resources and activity packs designed by Aardman are available for download from the Cracking Ideas website.

Published 9 October 2019