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Consular outreach with local authorities and the British community in the Galapagos Islands

The Consular Section of the British Embassy in Quito met with local authorities and the resident British community in the Galapagos Islands.

Consular outreach Galapagos

Consular staff met with the Chamber of Tourism, Ministry of Tourism, Police, Navy and Port Captain, National Park management and government advisory board, and gave a presentation outlining our consular assistance policy and new Consular Strategy 2016-20 focusing on responsible travel. There followed an open discussion on how authorities can work together to assist British tourists in the Galapagos.

Subsequently they hosted an informative event for the British community in Santa Cruz, explaining their consular assistance policy, how to report emergencies and stay informed through social networks, and the Embassy’s role in a crisis situation. Useful information such as passport renewals and the legalisation of UK documents was also provided.

The event concluded with a cocktail, giving the British community the opportunity to network and ask any further questions directly to consular staff.

Published 14 February 2017