Press release

Construction permit variations for proposed Hinkley Point C power station

The Environment Agency reported today applications received to vary a permit allowing the discharge of run-off and effluent generated during construction of the proposed nuclear power station at Hinkley Point, in Somerset.


This permit had been originally issued in February 2012.

The Environment Agency received the application for an environmental permit variation from NNB Generation Company Limited, a subsidiary of EDF Energy.

The company have 3 environmental permits that were issued by the Environment Agency in March 2013 to operate the proposed nuclear power station on the North Somerset coast at Hinkley Point.

This application to vary the permit covering site construction describes creating an extra Water Management Zone to capture any surface water drainage generated during construction.

This creates a new discharge point into the nearby Bum Brook. The additional Water Management Zone is designed to remove any silt or sediment and ensures the chemical properties of the discharge do not affect the brook.

The variation application also highlights how the applicant intends to use best practice to minimise the impact of these discharges on the environment. A number of technical changes to the company’s treatment of concrete wash waters also need to be assessed by the Environment Agency.

People can inspect the permit variation and comment on an e-consultation page of the Gov.UK website on the following link: [Environmental permitting applications

Any comments can be made on this website page or by email to: quoting the application number.

Guidance on decision-making under the Regulations can be found on the permitting page

This guidance explains what factors are relevant to our determination.

Please note that all representations we receive must normally be placed on the public register. If you do not want either your identity or your full representation to appear on the public register, you should make a request to this effect.

Any media queries should be directed to the Environment Agency press office on 01392 861302.


Published 17 November 2014