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Communications boost for business

Communication initiative increases intellectual property awareness and encourages customers to protect their rights.


The IPO has started a communication effort directed towards small and medium-sized business enterprises (SME). The aim is to help business customers understand the financial impact of IP protection.

Intellectual property (IP) is especially important for new business start-ups. These may be unaware of their rights or the financial risks to their products and brands.

There are simple and positive actions IPO are asking you to take, to make sure you secure your work. We strongly recommend you join our social media support and register for exclusive business updates by email.

Our IPO website also has more information on things that will help your own business strategy:

  • view our easy access video series

  • linking up to our benefits and IP for business tools

  • sign up for an IPO masterclass or for an IPO event near you

  • detailed information and specialist guidance

Published 6 December 2017