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Clean-up success for pipework team

A Dounreay project team has removed historic discharge pipework from the redundant low level effluent pits.

The facility was the only means of collecting and treating low level liquid effluent from both Dounreay and Vulcan before discharge to sea.

It was replaced by a new low level liquid effluent treatment plant which now treats all low level liquid effluent.

The redundant facility consisted of four pits below ground level. It had incoming pipework from the Dounreay and neighbouring Vulcan sites. The pipework ran in ducts on all four sides of the pits.

All this pipework has now been removed, including the removal of line A, the only remaining original discharge pipeline to the sea.

The work took four months to complete with over 900 suit and 1500 man entries used during the project.

DSRL project manager Eddie Mackay said:

The team demonstrated how the benefit of good planning, methodical approach and attention to housekeeping supported delivery of a key milestone to the programme.

Published 17 December 2015