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Civil/crime news: contract amendments for new anti-social behaviour injunction

Amendments to enable civil and crime providers to carry out part 1 injunction applications.


The new civil injunction available under part 1 of the Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014 will be introduced from 23 March 2015. The new injunctions will replace Anti-Social Behaviour Injunctions (ASBIs), Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs) and several other tools currently used to deal with anti-social issues.

Crime and civil contracts have been amended to enable both crime and civil providers to carry out this work where it relates to an application of part 1 injunction.

Where there is a breach of a part 1 injunction, criminal legal aid will be available. If a civil provider wishes to represent a client in these proceedings they should apply for an individual case contract.

Housing and debt contract holders will remain able to advise on possession proceedings. This includes those proceedings where a part 1 injunction is sought.

An online training module has been developed to help you understand the changes, which will be available from Monday 2 March 2015.

Further information

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Published 23 February 2015