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Civil Registration for UK Nationals

Registration for UK Citizens Residing in Sierra Leone for 90 Days or more

UK in Sierra Loene
Civil Registration for UK Nationals

The National Civil Registration Authority (NCRA) and MFA have advised us that the final stage of the national civil registration process is now taking place, and will begin to phase out on 18 June.

The NCRA have confirmed that it is a legal requirement for foreign nationals to register. This applies to non-Sierra Leoneans who are resident in the country for 90 days or more. It does not apply to foreign nationals visiting the country for any shorter time (e.g. visiting family or friends who are here for less than 90 days).

The government’s plan is for the civil registration process to lead to national biometric ID cards, which will be compulsory, although timing is uncertain.

Registration centres will be open across Freetown from 9am – 5pm daily during the working week. Foreign nationals registering must bring their passport. The centres are mainly mobile, mostly in schools. The only confirmed stationary centre is at the YSC on Wilkinson Road.

The NCRA have told us that registration will continue to be possible for foreign nationals after 18 June, in Freetown and in other main towns. However, this will probably be through mobile centres and will gradually draw down until the end of June. We do not have information yet on where exactly you can register outside Freetown.

For any enquiries, please contact the NCRA directly through Mr Darwee (Director) on: 078 397 752.

The NCRA have told us that a Data Protection Bill is being prepared to regulate and protect storage of the data, but they have given no indication when this might be agreed by Cabinet and submitted to Parliament. It seems very likely that there not be any system of legal data protection in place, at least initially; we are pressing the government on this point.

Published 15 June 2017