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Civil news: remember the ‘quick guides’ for speedier applications

Providing all the information we need first time will help your application to be processed faster.


We need your help to tackle the increasing number of applications being submitted without the evidence and information we need.

Problem areas are:

  1. Scope limitation
  2. Document uploads
  3. Domestic violence evidence

By using ‘quick guides’ and supporting resources you can help to smooth the path of your applications and avoid delays.

1. Scope limitation

Scope limitations are set out on the legal aid certificate and describe the work that can be carried out under the certificate.

If the scope limitation you choose is incomplete or unclear this will delay your application.

Emergency legal aid certificates only cover urgent work. You need to add a more appropriate scope limitation when applying for the substantive certificate.

The following quick guides will help you:

  • ‘making a legal aid application’ – see section 7 which explains how you can use a ‘free text box’ to put in extra information about work you need funding to cover

  • ‘amending an emergency to a substantive’ – this shows you how to make the necessary changes to scope limitations

2. Document uploads

Our ‘submitting electronic evidence’ quick guide has been updated to clarify what you need to do if the document upload button is greyed out. If this happens, you need to change your user access rights.

3. Domestic violence evidence

Information we require in this area became more detailed following changes to evidential requirements for domestic violence on 8 January 2018.

A template letter is available on GOV.UK to help you, which was produced in partnership with the Law Society.

Further information

Quick guides:

Making an initial application – download ‘making a legal aid application’ (see section 7)

Managing live cases – download ‘amending an emergency to a substantive’

Navigation in CCMS – download ‘submitting electronic evidence’

Domestic violence letter:

Sample domestic violence letter – to download sample letter

Published 16 May 2018