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Civil news: recruitment of court examiners

Applications invited from solicitor advocates and advocates of at least three years standing to join 18-strong panel of court examiners.


Recruitment is under way for a panel of 18 solicitor advocates and advocates to work as court examiners based in London and the regions.

The posts are open to advocates and solicitor advocates of at least three years standing. The closing date for applications is 26 January 2017.

Role of court examiners

Court examiners are appointed by the Lord Chancellor. They are called upon when a court orders a witness to be examined before the case begins in court as to their oral or documentary evidence. This may happen:

• by deposition – for example, because someone is too ill to attend court • where a foreign court requests evidence from someone living in England and Wales

How examinations are conducted

Examinations are carried out in the same way as if the witness was giving evidence in court.

This means recording the evidence and producing a transcript. This will need to be certified by the examiner as correctly reflecting the evidence given.

Further information

Court examiners advert on GOV.UK – to find out more and download a candidate pack

Part 34 – witnesses, depositions and evidence for foreign courts – scroll down to rule 34.8

Published 22 December 2016