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Civil news: HPCDS tender cancellation after JR decision

2018 Housing Possession Court Duty Scheme procurement process cancellation follows judicial review decision in the Administrative Court.


We have cancelled the 2018 Housing Possession Court Duty Scheme process as a result of the Administrative Court decision on 22 June 2018.

What did the court decide?

The Administrative Court has quashed both the:

  • MOJ’s decision to move to fewer larger contracts

  • decision to launch the procurement process for Housing Possession Court Duty Scheme (HPCDS) contracts

The judicial review proceedings were brought by the Law Centres Network against the Lord Chancellor (case number CO/5321/2017).

Was cancellation the only option?

Our move to cancel the 2018 HPCDS procurement process in its entirety is in line with the rules for the procurement process. These are set out in the ‘Information For Applicants’ document.

What does this mean for organisations awarded a HPCDS contract?

It means that we will not proceed with the award of any contracts under that process.

What will happen to HPCDS services?

We will publish further information regarding the next steps for HPCDS contracts as soon as possible.

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Published 5 July 2018